Life is complete!!!!!

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Location:Soho Square,London,United Kingdom

Opera Singer...

At Conent Garden

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Location:Cobbs Ct,City of London,United Kingdom

St. Paul's

Different views of St. Paul's... 
Note the green trees - Spring is finally here!!!! 

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Hi from London

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I've come out of blogger retirement to share this lovely pic:

Random Cool Houses...

in Brussels.

and one that's seen better days...

Apple pie...

 and a piece of Americana!
 A good attempt at an American Diner...

 Cap'n Crunch, Froot Loops, & Lucky Charms - a wholesome American breakfast to keep the kids obese...

 Cheez-its!!!  I LOVE CHEEZ-ITS!!!!  Can't buy them here - so sad.  
Perhaps I'll get a care package filled with cheez-its - just sayin'

A true American Bacon Cheese Burger with "real" Kraft cheese - mmmmm, the taste of Democracy!!